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I traveled 2 hours and 15 minutes to come specifically to this class and it was worth every second! Ghazala is a great instructor! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

-Rebeca, Owner of Beauty, Brows and Blowdries in PA

Very thorough, took time to speak and watch us individually. Wonderful teacher, who truly cares and is very sweet!

-Catie, Esthetician at Charles Penzone in OH

My employees and I were on the edge as to if threading was going to be beneficial. After working on models today, seeing their results and how lovely the eyebrows came out, it was a fantastic decision.

-Helene, Owner of Cloud and Skin Care Studio in NY

Wonderful class! Ghazala is a kind beautiful soul! She has a wonderful way of teaching, great patience and you will be very satisfied to know how to thread by the end of class!

-Alexis, Owner of Embellish U in NJ

Thank you for your professional education on threading. Was a very laid-back class and you were terrific to work with.

-PA Nhia, Microblader at Brows & Beauty Boutique in NC

Really enjoyed the class. Ghazala was very warm, gentle and very informative. She took her time to ensure that I learned how to appropriately do threading.

-Alana, Owner of Bling Faces Skin Care and Beauty Spa in NY

I love everything about it. The instructor is so down-to-earth. Love her!

-Janele, Esthetician at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort in NY

This class is extremely informative, very educational and very detailed. Every question every student had in the class was answered into extreme detail. Very patient teacher, very detailed teacher. Would 100% recommend.

-Maya, Owner of Zephanias Salon in NM

Great class.

-Linda, Owner of Academy of Nail Tech School in AZ

I loved it! Very thorough and informative!

-Heather, Owner of Petals Day Spa in NY

Excellent! Felt very welcomed and relaxed. Greatest teacher by far! Thank you for being amazing and so accommodating on my 1-on-1 with you. Please come back & visit.

-Marisa, Esthetician at Soto Salon on the Ohio in OH

Easy to understand instructions. Very friendly. Able to work with multiple students to ensure understanding.

-Ciara, Owner of Brow and Beauty Boutique in NC

Ghazala is a very nice instructor and gave me all the information required. Was very patient and helpful.

-Divya, Owner of Yuva Laser Salon in NY

Wonderful class. Feel completely confident in the skills that I have learned today.

-Cylah, Owner of Elite Hair Salon in Bermuda

I learned a lot. I appreciate your answering all my questions and concerns. You explained everything easily and with great detail. You made learning this so fun. Thanks Ms. G.

-Jessica, Owner of J Michael's Spa and Salon in KY

Absolutely amazing. Didn't take long to grasp the technique. She was very patient with all of us. Definitely will recommend her service.

-Krystle, Lash Technician at Kizora Beauty Salon in NY

Amazing hands-on experience. I was able to leave in confidence, knowing the threading technique. Thank you for giving me this life experience and lesson.

-Victoria, Esthetician at Laurel Spa at Pocono Manor in PA

I loved today's class. The instructor was great and made sure all of us completely understood what we were doing before we left. She was so patient and kind.

-Cristina, Hairstylist at Nourish Hair and Body in NY

The class was awesome. I love your understanding and how much you cared for me to get the technique right. Thank you for your support

-Sujei, Eyelash Tech at B.A.S.E. Color Lab in RI

Super friendly and attentive, patient and amazing teacher!

-Jissell, Owner of Permanent Makeup and Beauty LLC in FL

I really liked the fact that I got to practice for hours! Then when I felt as if I was confident and had technique I moved to the face. I really feel like I would have technique down after practicing more. Ghazala was very patient and we worked until I got it! Would recommend this class to anyone! Highly recommended!

-Sarah, Owner of The Makeup Studio in NJ

Excellent class. Teacher was very informative and detailed. Very professional, was easy to follow.

-Ada, Owner of ADA Lashes in NY

Knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Easy to learn from and took the time to make sure you had the technique down.

-Alyssa, Makeup Artist at Bohemia Salon in NY

Great lesson. Ghazala was patient and didn’t leave until I was very comfortable. She walked through every step. Ghazala also is very encouraging throughout the entire training. Half way through, I was already confident in my beginner’s technique.

-Kristen, Owner of Silk Body Waxing Studios in PA

The class was awesome. She is very kind and understanding. Answered all my questions and showed me step-by-step.

-Gomaira, Owner of Street Fame Barber Shop in NJ

What a great class! I am so excited to start brow threading. Ghazala is such a great instructor! I was nervous at first but now I’m more confident in my new skill I learned.

-Brandi, Owner of Beautiful Lashes in DE

Fun and I am confident that I know the proper technique. Very happy & I would recommend.

-Hope Lee, Owner of Lashes by Lee, LLC in CT

Great class- very thorough. Made sure we understood; patient and answered all questions.

-Gabriella, Owner of Duchess and Lord in NY

Great! So excited to keep practicing.

-Katelyn, Owner of Rooted Salon in PA

Wonderful. I loved it.

-Celia, Owner of Charlie's Angels Unisex Salon in NY

Friendly, fun and great experience. She made it seem easy and was patient, kind, and very helpful. Can't wait to start threading!

-Gabrielle, Owner of Gabby's Wax Parlor in NY

Great class! Very informative. I feel confident and comfortable working on clients!

-Caterina, Owner of Salon Jean Francois in NY

Great class, learned a lot. Felt very comfortable with instructor

-L'orial, Apprentice at Polished LLC in MD


-Adam, Owner of Virile Barber Shop in NJ

Did an amazing job teaching. Very clear and understanding.

-Tiffany, Cosmetologist at Opulence Beauty Salon in KY

Super accommodating and Ghazala listened to my needs and was able to fine tune my technique! Thank you!

-Keren, Esthetician at Greenwich Medical Spa in CT

Thank you for taking the time to teach us these great skills and for being so patient with us. You were a great teacher and so helpful.

-Jocelyn, Cosmetologist at Brow and Beauty Boutique in SC

Ghazala was an amazing teacher. Her class was so informative, I'm surprised by how much we learned and how helpful she truly was.

-Sarah, Cosmetologist at Love Some Lashes in NJ

-Sarah, Cosmetologist at Love Some Lashes in NJ

Ghazala was a very wonderful instructor. She taught us everything we need to know to be successful in threading. I will definitely recommend anybody to take her class.

-Ashley, Esthetician at Love Some Lashes in NJ

Wonderful class, very informative. Very pleasant teacher and very helpful.

-Rebecca, Cosmetologist at Cutting Edge in KY

Great class. Had lots of fun. Made it easy for everyone.

-Melissa, Cosmetologist at Kick Salon in NY

The class was very fun and informative. I like that you made sure everyone get the techniques down.

-Raven, Barber at Blue Blood Barber in PA

Amazing class. I had a great time and learned so much. Ghazala is an incredible instructor. Made the class and learning threading very easy and fun.

-Andrea, Hairstylist at Career and Company Salon in PA

Learned so much on today's class and I feel very confident to thread on clients.

-Lashae, Salon Assistant at Tame Your Mane in PA

Great class. Felt like I learned so much. So glad. I got the people from my work to come- can't wait to start threading.

-Paige, Cosmetologist at Bella Capelli in OH

Great information about threading. Ghazala was very informative, friendly and a great instructor.

-Michelle, Cosmetologist at Blue Sage Day Spa in NY

It was great! Very one on one.

-Chelsy, Assistant at Tame Your Mane in PA

Very professional, informative. One of the best classes I have taken. Instructor was warm, friendly and very helpful.

-Tanya, Cosmetologist at Bella Capelli in OH

Loved the class! Can't wait to start threading on clients! Thank you very much!

-Meghan, Assistant at Tame Your Mane in PA

Great teacher. A lot of patience. Very positive experience.

-Lydia, Lash Stylist/Cosmetologist at Diverse Visions Spa and Salon in OH

Thank you for taking the time to teach us these great skills and for being so patient with us. You were a great teacher and so helpful.

-Jocelyn, Cosmetologist at Brow and Beauty Boutique in SC

Ghazala is a very knowledgeable instructor. She is so pleasant and helpful. So glad we took her class.

-Jeana, Technician at Love Some Lashes in NJ

Loved this class and learned everything I needed.

-Ceman, Esthetician/Nail Tech at Spa Nalai in NY

Very instructional! Made me leaving confident enough to go and thread everyone I know! Amazing! Will definitely recommend her.

-Ariel, Stylist at Michele Lisa Salon in NY

Fantastic hands on instruction! Quick and to the point! Technique is presented and the rest is practice, practice, practice to perfection! Really enjoyed the on site training in my Medi-Spa. Excited to share this service with patients.

-Erika, Aesthetic Director at AB Medi-Spa Wellness in OH

This was a very informative class. Ghazala was an amazing teacher, very patient and encouraging. Great class!

-Kristen, Massage Therapist at Body and Soul Day Spa in CT

The class was awesome! Super informative and fun. I can officially say I am confident with hair removal using threading.

-Katie, Massage Therapist at Body and Soul Day Spa in CT

Great experience!  Would recommend anyone who wants to learn threading, this is the place to learn.

-Jessica, Esthetician at Oliver West Salon in NY

She was amazing, very thorough and I learned very quickly! Thank you!

-Alison, Hairdresser at Artistry by Ailie in NY

Great, very professional.

-Marta, Store Owner of Unique Nails in NY

Very easy to understand, patient and detailed.

-Cheryl, Electrologist at Spa De Lacie in NJ

Wonderful!!! Learned a lot!!!

-Olga, Esthetician at I Am Bella Salon in NJ

Thank you for taking the time to teach us these great skills and for being so patient with us. You were a great teacher and so helpful.

-Jocelyn, Cosmetologist at Brow and Beauty Boutique in SC

Excellent! You were very patient and flexible. It was informative and fun. Thank you so much.

-Flora, Esthetician at Trilogy Salon in DE

Loved it! Wonderful!

-Jamie, Esthetician at Beauty 4 Ever in NY

Patient, kind and generous with her time and knowledge.

-Kim, Owner of Michael Leonard's Salon in FL

Great, very easy to understand. She was very patient with everyone.

-Theresa, Owner of Salon Eden in NY

Wonderful class, enjoyed so much! Looking so forward to offering this service! Thank you.

-Maria, Owner of Body and Soul Day Spa in CT

Easy. I really loved it.

-Damiran, Owner of Kelly's Beauty Salon in nJ

Awesome experience. So easy to learn from.

-Linda, Owner of Les Beaux Vous in CT

The best.

-Maria, Owner of Marcy's Hair Salon in NY

Awesome job!!

-Amal, Owner of Salon D'artisa in NY

Very informative. Comprehensive and patient.

-Vittoria, Owner of Eden Total Skin Care in NY

This class is very good. Technique is hard but she teaches very easily with hands on instruction! I will recommend to other friends.

-Mi Jung, Owner of Permanent Cosmetic Plus in NJ

Very satisfied with the class. Very good and I’ve learned for life.

-Leilans, Owner of House of Leilans in NJ

I loved the class!

-Sofia, Hairstylist at Bangs Salon in NY

Ghazala is very personable with her students. She is very patient and doesn't rush you through the class. Very knowledgeable and FANTABULOUS!

-Tracie, LMT/Esthetician at Premier Salon and Spa in KY

Amazing! Everything was greatly explained and demonstrated.

-Mariah, Cosmetologist at Salon 121 in KY

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