• NYC Threading Classes provides eyebrow threading classes to those who wish to learn this ancient hair removal technique. We are specialize in the gold-standard "no string in the mouth technique" used in spas and salons. Our eyebrow threading classes are held in various locations across the United States and Canada, and we provide both private and group classes. Join us to take a group class or book a private class at your own location (spa, salon, barbershop, studio, beauty school or even the comfort of your own home). Our eyebrow threading experts will be happy to come directly to you in order to minimize any travel time.


     Testimonials from Our Students

    Ghazala was very pleasant and conducted the threading class with good knowledge, talent and ease. It was such a pleasure to have her in our school to teach a great way to service the public in a safe and sanitary way.                                                                                                            _Tracy, Cosmetology instructor at Jolie Health and Beauty Academy school in NJ                     ___________________________________________________________

    This class was excellent. Ghazala is a such a sweet, patient thorough instructor. I am so glad we chose NYC Threading. I feel prepared to go and work on clients even after one class. I know that with practice I can master the technique. I am so excited about being able to thread my clients instead of only offering waxing.

    -K.P Murray, Owner of Elle Lash Bar in DC


    Fantastic hands-on instruction! Quick and to the point. Technique is presented and the rest is practice, practice and practice to perfection . Really enjoyed the on-site training in my Medispa. Excited to share this service with patients!

    -Erika, Aesthetic Director of AB Medispa & Wellness in OH


    By far this is the best class I have ever taken. Ghazala is an amazing person inside and out. 111111111She is very thorough and patient. The techniques were easy to understand and I feel very confident leaving this class that I will be able to perform the techniques taught by Ghazala. I would recommend this class a million times. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you, Ghazala, you are truly an amazing person.

    -Tammy, Owner of Broadway Salon in NM


    Ghazala was very patient and easy to learn from. I was able to perform a service after one day.

    -Cisco, Owner of Cisco Salon in CA


    Amazing! Positive during the learning process, very relatable! Hands on in such an appropriate way. You let us make our mistakes and then guide us through. Thank you!

    -Michelle, Owner of Michelle Lisa Salon in NY


    This class is extremely informative, very educational, and very detailed. Every question that every student had in the class was answered in extreme detail. Very patient and detailed teacher. Would 100% recommend.

    -Maya, Owner of Zephanias Salon in NM


    Wonderful class! Ghazala is a kind beautiful soul. She has a wonderful way of teaching, great patience and you will be very satisfied & know how to thread by the end of the class. 

    -Alevis, Owner of Embellish u boutique and Salon in NJ



    -Carla, Director of hotel operations at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort, NY


    I love everything about it. The instructor is so down to earth. Love her!

    -Janell, Esthetician at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort, NY


    Great class.

    -Linda, Owner of Academy of Nail Tech School in AZ


    My employees and I were on the edge as to if threading was going be beneficial- After working on models today, seeing their reactions and how lovely the eyebrows came out - It was a fantastic decision. Ghazala was a pleasure to work with.

    -Helene, Owner of Cloud 9 Skin Care Studio in NY

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      An introduction to facial and eyebrow threading

      1. Instructions on holding and moving the thread
      2. Hands-on training and personalized feedback
      3. Step by step instructions on the two most versatile techniques (hand and mouth) used for facial and eyebrow threading
      4. Step by step instructions on how to do facial and eyebrow threading on yourself
      5. Instructions on creating lines and brow shaping
      6. A final round of hands-on training and personalized feedback

      Every student receives a free spool of special threading thread and a certificate of completion(
      Each state has its own rules and regulations to perform threading. You may check with your state board of cosmetology to see what they require)


      The standard price for an NYC threading class is $299.00 per person(group discounts are also available)  $99.00 deposit is required to hold your spot in the class and the remaining  balance of $200.00 will be due on the day of the class before we start. A receipt for the payments will be given for tax purposes.  

      Payment via PayPal/Credit Card

      We use PayPal for all of our transactions to provide you with the safest, most secure, and easiest method of making payments online. You do not have to register for a PayPal account and can securely check-out with your credit-card.


      Contact us:

      Phone: 347-784-5017 

      Email: contactus@nycthreading.com

      We regularly offer eyebrow threading classes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. We have also provided classes in locations as varied as Hawaii, Arizona, California, Ohio, New Mexico, Kentucky, Florida, Canada, Aruba and many more.  No matter where you are located, please contact us and we'll work together to schedule an eyebrow threading class at a location convenient for you.

      Upcoming Eyebrow Threading Classes

    1. February 17th, 2019(Sold Out)
    2. Private class booked in Newark, DE
    3. ___________________________________________
    4. February 18th, 2019
    5. Book a private class at your location
    6. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    7. $299.00 per person 
    8. __________________________________________
    9. February 23rd, 2019(Sold Out)
    10. Private class booked in Queens, NY
    11. __________________________________________
    12. February 24th: Louisville, KY
    13. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
    14. Please call or email us to confirm the availability as the space is limited.
    15. 347-784-5017
    16. contactus@nycthreading.com
    17. $299.00 per person
    18. Drury Inn & Suites Louisville North
    19. 9597 Brownsboro road
    20. Louisville, KY 40241
    21. ___________________________________________
    22. February 25th, 2019
    23. Book a private class at your location
    24. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    25. $299.00 per person 
    26. ___________________________________________
    27. March 3rd, 2019
    28. Book a private class at your location
    29. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    30. $299.00 per person 
    31. __________________________________________
    32. March 4th, 2019
    33. Book a private class at your location
    34. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    35. $299.00 per person 
    36. ___________________________________________
    37. February 9th, 2019(Sold Out)
    38. Private class booked in Albany, NY
    39. ___________________________________________
    40. March 10th: New York, NY
    41. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    42. Please email or call us to confirm the availability as the space is limited
    43. contactuas@nycthreading.com
    44. 347-784-5017
    45. $299.00 per person
    46. $269.00 per person(10% Day light saving discount)
    47. Champion Studios
    48. 14th Floor
    49. 257 West 39th Street
    50. New York, NY 10108
    51. __________________________________________
    52. March 11th, 2019
    53. Book a private class at your location
    54. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    55. $299.00 per person 
    56. __________________________________________
    57. March 13th, 2019(Sold Out)
    58. Private class booked in Houston, TX
    59. __________________________________________
    60. March 14th, 2019(Sold Out)
    61. Private class booked in Deer park, TX
    62. __________________________________________
    63. March 16th, 2019(Sold Out)
    64. Private class booked in Sterling, VA
    65. __________________________________________
    66. March 17th: Linthicum Heights, MD
    67. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    68. Please call or email us to confirm the availability as the space is limited.
    69. 347-784-5017
    70. contactus@nycthreading.com
    71. $299.00 per person
    72. Holiday Inn Baltimore BWI Airport
    73. 815 Elkridge Landing Road
    74. Linthicum Heights, MD
    75. ___________________________________________
    76. March 18th, 2019
    77. Book a private class at your location
    78. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    79. $299.00 per person 
    80. ___________________________________________
    81. March 24th: New York, NY
    82. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    83. Please call or email us to confirm the availability as the space is limited.
    84. 347-784-5017
    85. contactus@nycthreading.com
    86. $299.00 per person
    87. Champion Studios
    88. 14th Floor
    89. 257 West 39th Street
    90. New York, NY 10108
    91. __________________________________________
    92. March 25th, 2019
    93. Book a private class at your location
    94. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    95. $299.00 per person 
    96. ___________________________________________
    97. March 31st, 2019
    98. Book a private class at your location
    99. (Spa, Salon, Barbershop or even the comfort of your own home)
    100. $299.00 per person 
    101. ___________________________________________
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